WordPress Themes


If you’re a content producer using WordPress, this is for you.

WordPress by default comes with a few pre installed themes, and they’re okay. They work.

However, if you want to have a better looking site, and likely a better performing site, you’re going to want to invest in some kind of theme. It might be a free one or might be a paid one.

One suggestion I have, as soon as you decide on a theme you’ve installed it is to kind of get a baseline on performance, is it helping or hurting your site for speed. I bring that up because a lot of people are on mobile devices and speed can still be an issue.

So one way to do that is simply to take your site the URL and go to a service like Google’s page insight or GTMetrics.com enter your URL in there, get her get her answer back on the performance. Then change your theme to the latest thing you have and then repeat and see if there’s a significant difference.