Custom Web Development Work


Custom web development work. So I’ve got a few tips on how to make a custom web development jobs go smoothly for you. And that is be super clear on what it is exactly what you want. You might have a grand plan for the big picture. But make sure you understand and is communicated clearly to the person who’s going to do the work. I’d also break it up into very small chunks, little bit of steps. You’ve heard of maybe the scrum method and doing sprints. That’s kind of what I’m suggesting is come up with small steps that you can create that will break up the project to make it more manageable, because what you might find out happens is you don’t really want all the things you originally thought for things change. That’s kind of the death of a project is if you keep or somebody keeps changing the scope of work. That’s a no no. Instead, make it small, bite sized projects that have measurable milestones along the way.