WordPress Outsourcing


If you’re a content producer using WordPress, this tip is for you.

If you like to create content and you’re doing it on your own, that’s great!

My recommendation is to consider having somebody else do it. In other words, either create a team, rent a team, whatever, so that you’re focusing on the things that you’re absolutely great at and you can offload those things that you don’t need to be focusing on to get the results you want.

I’ll be honest, you know, sometimes publishing content on WordPress is relatively easy. You just start typing, you might upload an image and you’re done. And that’s it.

You think, Well, why do I need a team for that?

Well, sometimes it gets a little more complicated but in my opinion, the big thing is that you get to focus on what you’re great at. For instance, when I create content I usually do a YouTube video and then I publish it the team puts it on my WordPress site and we’re done I get it unload my energy to something else instead of focusing on the techincal stuff that needs to happen for publishing my content.