Email Deliverability


Email deliver ability is something I’ve been looking at recently and helping people out with and one thing I did was into building a script that integrates with Active Campaign to either Email Hippo or BriteVerify and also the same for Infusionsoft to BriteVerify, or Email Hippo. And the reason I suggest doing this, especially if you have a large list, let’s say at least 10,000 plus and you’re emailing regularly, you’re going to want to make sure your list is clean. You want to make sure you don’t have any spam traps on there. And granted, those are hard and really shouldn’t be caught. They shouldn’t be on your list to start with, but they also filter out things like role based emails postmaster@…, info@… that type of stuff, and then checks to verify that emails are actually valid and they’re not gibberish or anything like that. So email deliver ability is a big thing. I built a script that helps that for people that are using Active Campaign and InfusionSoft