Online Software Development


Dave Wooding. Online software development if you’re looking to build a software solution for something you’re doing online, my recommendation is you as much as possible, try to build using off the shelf tools. In other words, if something’s out there, and you can stitch it together, or have somebody put it together, that would be my recommendation versus a completely custom solution. And the reason I say that is because you do not want to have a single point of failure in your business.

For instance, if you got one developer working on a custom solution, and they’re the only ones that understand that you could potentially be in trouble. So if you’ve got a solution that takes pieces of software, and somebody puts that together, that’s a completely different ballgame. As an example, for shopping carts, there’s no way I’m ever going to build a shopping cart or no way I’m going to connect directly to PayPal or collect directly to stripe. I’d much rather use a shopping cart and let them deal with the headaches because the that’s their expertise.

So again, if you’re going to build a software solution, I would recommend using off the shelf versus custom as much as possible.