Hiring Technology Workers


Dave from IntegratePro. Hiring technology workers. So I’ve got a few tips if you’re going to hire some people off of a freelance type sites, freelancer. com, Upwork or something like that. And you’re looking for technology workers. So first thing I’d say is make sure your job description is clear, accurate, concise, all that good stuff. And one thing I’d put in there is a question. For instance, do you recommend I use PHP or JavaScript? And the reason you want to do that is you’re looking for responses. People that are actually paying attention. If somebody responds and tells you how great they are, what their resume is, all these super wonderful things. They’re not reading your application. They’re just simply responding back and putting a bit and you want to get the person that actually read your application. Second thing is you really want to hire somebody who is already done what you’re asking for. In other words, he said, Hey, I want somebody to set up a click funnel funnels and they say I’ve set up a Click Funnels funnel, that’s probably the right person. And finally, if somebody says I’ve already done that, that is gold. That’s the type of person you want to follow up with and provide that. So that’s my tips for hiring some technology workers.