WordPress Split Testing


If you’re a content producer using WordPress, this tip is for you.

I recommend if your lead capturing on your WordPress site to always be split testing. That can simply be changing the headline, changing the font, changing something.

Probably the best way to start off is doing what’s called an A A split test. So you compare one version versus itself. That might seem like why would you do that?

Well, this way you can get a baseline of how many conversions you need before you can say you’re getting significant results. Most software that will do split testing for you will tell you when they’re statistically significant results but it’s not a bad idea to have already done that.

If you got the same version, what you’re looking for is identical results.
After a certain amount of conversions, you’re going to expect that the conversion rate will be identical for the two different versions, even though they’re exactly the same.