WordPress Plugins


WordPress Plugins, if you’re a content producer using WordPress, this is for you.

Plugins are kind of the heart and soul of WordPress and you’ve got to have them you got to use them to get all the functionality that you want out of WordPress, but sometimes you end up with WordPress plugins that cause problems they can conflict with other plugins on your site they get out of date, they don’t function anymore properly so it’s not a bad idea to audit those on a regular basis.

Interestingly enough, there are plugins that can help you do that. So for instance, there’s one that will look at what kind of impact each plugin is having on your site. Not a bad thing to do occasionally, another one will restore previous versions of plugins that can be a godsend, if for whatever reason the latest plugin that came out that you updated to is causing problems so I’d suggest doing an audit of your WordPress plugins on a regular basis, especially if you’re producing content frequently.