WordPress Hacking


If you’re a content producer using WordPress, this tip is for you.

Have you ever had an issue where somebody is trying to attack your site, they’re using a denial of service attack where they’re sending a lot of bots to it you may have found out via your hosting, Hey, your servers down, you’re using a lot of resources.

A lot of times these type of attacks occur because they’re looking to login automatically and they’re looking for the default login URL that WordPress provides.

Now you can change that and again, this is one of those things where you are using a plugin to accomplish that so and I forget the exact name but you search for a WordPress plugin that allow you to change your login URL. This will help diminish those type of attacks on your site.

So, consider doing that if you’re having a problem. There’s also other things your hosting provider can do to help block people or IP addresses that are repeatedly trying to log into your site.