Teachable Review


Dave Wooding here from Integrate Pro.

Teachable Review is what I just did recently and put it on YouTube. If you want to check it out.

Short answers, I like it. I really like what they’ve done with their system. It makes it easy for you will be an online quickly and they take care of the heavy lifting stuff. For instance, video storage payment processing, which is a big thing. Affiliate management, they also take care of what I don’t like. And this is because I’ve built sites and I know the things that you can do is you don’t have control over payment processing which might not seem like a big deal. But let’s say you only want to offer a 10 day refund or none at all. Well, guess what? They do that by default. So you don’t have a lot of choice in that regard.

But honestly, it’s a great system to get started with and maybe even stay with and one thing about pricing, they got a monthly plan that starts I think at $39 goes to $99. Once you get over $1,000, it definitely makes sense to go to the higher plan for teachable.