Semi Automation


Semi automation things you can do in your business that are not completely automatic. For example, if somebody makes a purchase from you send them a personalized video, all you got to do is take out your phone, make a short video, less than a minute, 10, 20 seconds, upload it to YouTube, leave it unlisted, and then send them an email with that you can do all of that from your phone. Now, how do I know when somebody orders? Well, sometimes I get notification on my phone, I get that little Ding, ding. And then I simply follow up by clicking on the link that’s got their email address and make that video and send it immediately.

Another thing I do is people purchase a certain product, I’ll put them into an automation that reminds me the next morning to do something in this case, it’s order them a book, ship it to them and then when I get the shipping date from Amazon, I go back to that same automation I put in the delivery date and then that continues until that date has gone and then one day later sends them an email says hey, I hope you enjoyed the book. So those are some examples of semi automation in your business.