Choose Your Own Adventure


We’re talking about choose your own adventure.

Choose Your Own Adventure is kind of a storybook, where you get to choose where how the story goes, I like to use it in my email marketing. In other words, if somebody wants to go down a certain path, let them do it. And the way I do that is by identifying people that click on a particular link in an email. And if they do so, typically I put them into a different automation thats related to what they click to, and I keep them out of any other emails that I’m going to send out.

So for instance, if I’m going to send out a broadcast email to people that are in or not in a choose your own adventures type automation, what I’ll do is I’ll apply a tag called Do Not Disturb and as long as that tag is applied, those people get excluded. Now as soon as the Choose Your Own Adventure automation is over. I removed the Do Not Disturb tag and let them back in to the regular broadcast. So that’s what I do for choose your own adventure.