Imagine Never Having To Waste Time In The WordPress Dashboard, Again...

Imagine Never Having To Waste Time In The WordPress Dashboard, Again...

You Focus On Content... We'll Handle The Publishing!

The Successful Content Marketer's Secret Weapon!

Growing your business through organic search engine traffic takes a ton of time and effort!

You need to research the right keywords... Research and outline the content... Write your value-packed post... Edit the content... Re-edit the content... Find royalty free images...

Then you have to get inside the WordPress dashboard and start laying it all out...

For most, this is where the real challenges start!

Getting your "Headings" right... Embedding your images... Embedding your videos... Setting up your internal links... Optimizing your images for SEO and page-load speed... The meta-data... Your description tag... The URL slug...

Not only is the entire process confusing but WordPress continues to change the dashboard with every new update...

Keeping You Stuck In The Learning Curve, Forever!

Before you know it you've wasted HOURS fiddling with the layout and optimization of your blog post.

Time that would have been better spent researching and writing your next piece of valuable content!

Or that time could have been spent creating your 'lead magnet' or sending an email to your list.

Because content is the fuel that drives your business online!

High Quality Content Is The Fuel For Your Business Engine!

You know that you need to get out of the 'tech' side and stay in the content creation side to move your business forward...

So you try to hire a Virtual Assistant to do the layout and design for you...

So you visit one of the 'outsourcing websites' like Upwork, trying to figure out who you can trust with your website admin login...

And this is when reality strikes hard...

They want to charge you $45 - $110 per hour?!?!

No way it's worth that!

Maybe someone in another country would be better for you...

You may be able to save a little but now you have to interview them... Train them... Etc.

And when you find someone you can afford...

Can they make your site LOOK GOOD too? Not just add posts, but help out with the design?

What about your opt-in pages? Can they set those up for you?

Your pop-ups?  Your split tests?  Your sales pages?

Do they know how to build a Sales Funnel?

Because A Website Isn't Enough, Anymore!
You Need A Sales Funnel, Too!

Are you really going to find the "needle in the haystack" Virtual Assistant who can do all of that?  Probably not...

Do you have the TIME or knowledge needed to train an average VA properly so they can become your SUPER STAR?  Probably not...

And what if they just 'disappear' one day after you spent months training them?  What will you do then?

Then you are back to square one.

Not only did you waste dozens of hours researching, interviewing, hiring, training...

But you are right back in the WordPress dashboard struggling with layout work, thinking about starting the hiring process all over again!

All the while, you KNOW you should be creating more content, because that moves your business forward!

Don't Worry... There's another way!

First thing... You don't need one VA. Ultimately, what you need is a TEAM.

And you don't need just any team...

You need a team of well trained and professional WordPress techs who not only know how to lay out a great looking post, fast...

But who can also build opt in pages, sales pages, content pop-ups, sales funnels and more...

This allows you to stay LASER FOCUSED on creating more keyword rich content that your audience will love...

While your TEAM will deal with the hours upon hours of layout and design that was once a frustrating distraction.

But... How can you get a team of virtual assistants, funnel designers and project managers without spending thousands of dollars each month?

And... More importantly...

How can you bypass the weeks of interviewing, hiring, training, firing and re-hiring to build your team?

Simple: You plug directly into an established team who specializes in WordPress layout, opt in pages and sales funnels for content marketers!

Introducing WP Publish Pro!

WP Publish Pro is your personal team of professional WordPress designers and project managers who are ready to help you save time, save money and get more done with less effort than ever before!

Because you deserve to have a well trained support network who can help you bring your vision into reality!

Here's exactly what WP Publish Pro members get:

  • Unlimited Layout Jobs Each Month - Publishing one post per day? Great... We've got you covered all month for one low price!
  • Effortless WordPress Publishing - You simply submit your blog post in a Google doc with your titles, descriptions and images... We do the rest!
  • Grow Your Email List -  Need a pop up or dedicated opt-in page built?  Just submit your task and we'll get it all setup!
  • Custom Home Page - Get a beautiful home page that can collect leads and make your business look professional!
  • Split Testing Made Easy - want to test a new headline on your opt-in page to increase conversions?  We've got you covered!
  • Funnel & Sales Copy Layout - Finished your sales letter and need help laying it out? Yep! We do that too...
  • Wordpress Updates & Backups - We will make sure Wordpress site and your plugins are updated every time we complete a task, make a backup of your Wordpress site initially and enable daily backups if your hosting provider allows!

WP Publish Pro helps you get more done in less time…
So you can grow your audience, your email list, and your income, fast!

But how much is this going to cost...?

On UpWork, a popular outsourcing site, WordPress help charges upwards of $110 per hour...?!

For new Internet marketers and bootstrapping entrepreneurs, that is simply too expensive...

With WP Publish Pro you can get access to unlimited post layouts, page layouts, opt in pages, pop-ups, split tests for one low monthly fee of $199 per month per site.

But if you act today, during our founding member special you won't have to pay $199 a month per site!

Because today the founding member price is just $99 per month per site for UNLIMITED WordPress help!

That is a 50% discount only available to the next 50 clients!

And as an extra bonus, new members are able to get our custom child themes installed and configured for you to make sure your website looks beautiful at no additional charge!

But you need to act fast... Before the special 50% discount and the bonus child theme offers go away forever!

Simply click the orange 'Apply Now' button below to fill out your application and see if you are a fit for the WP Publish Pro team, today! 

There is no money required, today...

Because we have limited spots available and our services are only catering to a very select group of publishers, you must apply in order to be considered for our service.

Your application will be reviewed and our chief technology officer, Dave Wooding, will get in touch.

Every client is hand selected because WP Publish Pro is only working with the most consistent publishers, content marketers and bloggers who are fully committed to creating a successful business online!


 I have paid over $1000 per month for help laying out my blog posts onto my wordpress site… And it took months of listing job postings, hiring, training, firing, re-hiring… It was a frustrating process. Now, with WP Publish Pro team, I spend less time inside WordPress and more time creating great content for my audience at a fraction of the price compared to directly hiring and managing a team!

Miles Beckler  Internet Marketer

How Much Money Can I Save With WP Publish Pro?

If you publish 20 posts in one month, add a split test or opt-in page which is an average pace for aggressive content marketing… 

You will easily save 20 to 40 hours every month!

What is your time worth?  $30/hr? $50/hr? $100+/hr?

You can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month!

And your time is the most precious commodity for you as an entrepreneur!

At $99 per month, and the ability to save 30+ hours per month means you are getting work from our team done at approximate $3 per hour!

If your time is worth just $30/hour, this is a 10x return on your investment saving you $800/month!

Plus, it is impossible to find qualified, talented, professional WordPress assistants for $3 per hour!

And the best part???

Your time is not spent doing $3/hour work!

Now, you have more time to publishing more great content for your audience!

So you can grow your traffic, your audience, your list and your business faster than ever before!

If you only have a couple of hours available each night to work on your side business… Every minute must be dedicated towards creating more great content!

If you've got a family at home who feel like you're spending too much time working on your side hustle and not enough time with them…

This is your productivity hack!

If you are just so hungry to build the business of your dreams fast, then working on two posts per day while we handle the layout is the fast track to success!

No matter what , you MUST stay focused on creating more and more content, each and every day!

Your content fuels the profit engine of your internet business!

And if you write 30 posts in a month, plus an opt in page and a sales page?

You could save 40-50 hours of your time publishing this content at the 'cost' of about $2 per hour!?!?

Is your time worth more than $2 per hour?!?!

Of course it is.

Which is why you are here, right now, reading this today.

And here's the thing...

The #1 reason why most people are not able to publish 20 to 30 blog posts each month because there's simply too much work!

Sure, you can write one great blog post per day…

But then you have to get in and do the hard work and the heavy lifting of laying out the post in the WordPress dashboard....

Who has two hours per day on top of content creation to dedicate to the WordPress dashboard?


Because you know that more quality content you write, the faster you will achieve the success you desire!

It is imperative that you replace the time you are wasting inside of the WordPress dashboard with productive time focused on creating more great content!

This is what the most successful Internet marketers do…

And until now you had to hire, manage, train, and oversee an entire team that could cost thousands each month to accomplish this goal on your own.


You have an opportunity to tap into a fully staffed, well-trained, detail oriented, professional publishing team for one flat fee of only $99 per month per site!

Ready to stop wasting time in the WordPress dashboard and get more done with less effort?

This is your opportunity to work smarter and not harder…

You must maximize the value out of every hour you have to focus on your side business!

By eliminating the tedious WordPress tasks your business can grow even faster.

But this service is not for everyone...

First of all this service is only for digital marketers running on WordPress with Thrive themes.

Thrive themes is the fastest loading WordPress theme that allows you to build sales funnels in addition to your content marketing.

Our team of WordPress experts and assistance are all 100% focused on helping members running on Thrive themes.

Now, if you have been planning on switching over to WordPress and Thrive themes… Our team may be able to help you along with this process, but that goes beyond the scope of our flat fee service…

But, monthly members get a huge discount on custom work, integrations and site migrations as needed.

So click here and talk with a project management specialist for free, today.

Also, If you are not publishing at least 2 blog posts per week… This program is not for you!

If you are 100% focused on paid advertising and just want funnel management, this program is not for you.

If you are not 100% committed to creating a successful Internet business, this program is not for you!

WP publish Pro is for committed Internet entrepreneurs who are doing everything it takes to go pro!

You are committed to being of service to your audience and you are committed to the proven path of content marketing.

You are excited for the opportunity to add value to the lives of others to the content that you publish…

In your seeking support from a well trained team of assistants, designers, and WordPress experts to help you get your message out to those who need to find it…

You're ready for help and a little bit of support in getting your message out to the world!

If that's you… And you're doing the work of writing every day, click the apply button below and let's see if we are of fit!

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